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Versatile Kiwi Cutter

Versatile Kiwi Cutter

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Make meal prep a breeze with our Kiwi Cutter, a detachable stainless steel tool that effortlessly peels and slices kiwis.

Key selling points:

1. Made with high-quality stainless steel and durable PP material for long-lasting use.

2. Detachable design allows for easy cleaning and storage.

3. Versatile tool can also be used for peeling and slicing other fruits and vegetables.


- Material: Stainless steel and PP

- Size: 7x7x5.2cm

- Color: Green

- Weight: 35g

- Multi-functional: Can be used for peeling and slicing kiwis, lemons, and other fruits and vegetables

- Easy to clean and store

- Sleek and compact design

- Perfect for everyday use in the kitchen

Package Included: 1 Piece x Kiwi Cutter

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