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120 Matte Gel Nail Tips

120 Matte Gel Nail Tips

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Key features/selling points:

1. Matte Finish - Strong Adhesion - No Filing

2. Soft Gel Material - Durable - No Creases

3. Versatile Use - DIY Nail Art - Vibrant Colors

4. Natural Fit - Breathable - Long-Lasting

5. Easy to Use - Like Natural Nails - Saves Time & Money


Introducing our best-selling product, the 120pcs/bag Matte Press On Nail Tips! Say goodbye to the hassle of filing and applying base coat, as our upgraded double-sided full frosted texture provides a strong adhesion and perfect fit for your natural nails. Made with high-quality soft gel material, our nail tips offer a natural fit effect with a thin back edge and thick front edge for longer lifespan. Plus, the no crease design allows for easy DIY nail art with any polish or powder. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer for a limited time only. Upgrade your manicure game with our premium Matte Press On Nail Tips today!

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