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KAIWEETS KWS-102 Wire Strippers

KAIWEETS KWS-102 Wire Strippers

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This versatile wire stripper from KAIWEETS is perfect for all your wire maintenance needs. With its multiple functions and accurate design, it is a must-have tool for any DIY enthusiast or professional electrician.

Key selling points:

1. Multi-functionality: Strips, cuts, and crimps wires with ease.

2. Accurate design: Top parameter design for precise stripping.

3. Suitable for various wires: Can be used for a variety of wires.


- Adjustable stripping length guide ruler for copper and aluminum cables from 10-24AWG (0.2-6MM2).

- Thumb wheel micro adjusting swivel knob for stripping smaller wires.

- Sharp edge for easy stripping.

- Special thickened blades for efficient cable cutting.

- Plastic and cushion grip handle for maximum leverage and comfort.

- Self-adjusting crimping for insulated and non-insulated terminals.

- Wide range of crimping sizes available.

- Multiple functions in one tool.

Product Show: See the KAIWEETS family of products in action with the KWS-102 Multi-Function Wire Stripper. From stripping to cutting to crimping, this tool does it all with ease and accuracy. A must-have for any wire maintenance task.

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