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Efficient Desoldering Wick

Efficient Desoldering Wick

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Key features/selling points:

1. Clean and Efficient - Quickly removes excess solder.

2. High Quality Material - Made with pure copper wire.

3. Strong Capillary Action - Fine braid design for easy removal.

4. Versatile Usage - Perfect for various soldering tasks.

5. Easy to Use - Simple steps for effective desoldering.


Introducing our premium 1.5-3.5mm Desoldering Mesh Braid Tape - the ultimate solution for all your soldering needs. Our product is designed with a low residue feature to prevent short circuits and is made with pure oxygen-free copper wire for easy usage. With its fine braid design, our copper wick ensures strong capillary action to pull in excess solder. It also offers oxidation resistivity, anti-corrosion protection, and good thermal conductivity. Perfect for correcting mistakes on PCBs, removing components, and more. Get yours now, while supplies last!

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