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EasyFix Tire Repair Kit

EasyFix Tire Repair Kit

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This Vacuum Tyre Repair Kit is a must-have for any vehicle owner. It is designed to quickly and easily repair punctures in tires without the need for messy glue.

Key selling points:

1. Glue-free repair: Say goodbye to messy and time-consuming glue with our innovative vacuum technology.

2. Simple operation: Anyone can use this kit to repair their tires, no special skills required.

3. Versatile use: Suitable for all types of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses.


- Origin: Made in China

- Item Volume: 0

- Item Type: Tire Repair Tools

- Item Weight: 10g

- Special Features: Glue-free repair

- Material Type: Rubber

- Diameter (Small): 5.2mm

- Diameter (Large): 6.6mm

- Length (Small): 12mm

- Length (Large): 15mm

- Model Number: 109074

Order now and never worry about flat tires again with our Vacuum Tyre Repair Kit.

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